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Maintenance and Service

Everyone loves having a pool. Nobody loves cleaning pool. That’s exactly what we’re here for. You don’t need to invite us to your backyard barbecues or your children’s birthday parties, but you should give us a call beforehand. Pioneer Pools is always happy to send an expert out to thoroughly and properly clean and maintain your pool before your next outdoor gathering.

The best way to maintain your pool is to schedule regular cleanings. Having an expert come out on a weekly or monthly basis will assure your pool remains in good working order. It leaves the door open for safe and clean spontaneous dips year round, and reduces the potential of costly equipment damage you may encounter if your pool becomes neglected.

Keeping Your Chemicals (or Salt) In Check

One of the most important aspects of keeping your pool water safe is maintaining adequate pool chemical levels. Going overboard with chemicals can sting the skin and eyes of swimmers, ruining what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing time.

When chemical levels are too low, the water can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Mosquitoes and frogs might decide your pool is the best place to reproduce if there aren’t enough chemicals to deter them.

If you’ve elected to go the chemical free route and converted to a salt water pool, we’ll test your salt levels. If necessary, we’ll restore your salt water pool to the proper balance.

Removing Debris From Your Pool

Skimming your pool and vacuuming the bottom are tedious chores. We know you don’t want to do it, and we don’t mind coming to your aid. Skimming your pool on a weekly basis prevents debris from eventually sinking to the bottom, where it can only be removed with a pool vacuum. Depending on the type of debris, it may begin to collect algae when it sinks. This can lead to a more complicated cleanup that’s easily avoided when you opt for weekly pool maintenance.

Maintaining the Baskets and Filters

Your strainer basket needs to be emptied at least once a week. If you forget about it, the leaves and other debris that accumulate on the basket can severely strain the water flow throughout your pool system. This strain puts tremendous pressure on your pool, and can even cause equipment to malfunction or break.

Most pool filters need to be cleaned about once a month, but some filters are designed to go longer without cleaning. Your pool cleaning expert will know how often your particular brand of filter will require maintenance.

Brushing and The Walls and Tiles

Before calcium hard water stains accumulate on your pool tiles, a thorough scrubbing will help to eliminate everything that’s become stuck on. The more frequently pool walls and tiles are scrubbed, the easier it will be to keep them clean in the long run. It’s best to tend to buildup before it works in way in. Also brushing the sides is a must before vacuuming to eliminate all the dirt and biological particles where bacteria breed.

Vacuuming the Pool

Dirt and debris will build up on the bottom. It’s important to get all the particles that couldn’t be skimmed out to maintain not only the beautiful look of the pool, but for its sanitation as well. It’s a job most people hate doing, but we don’t mind.

Making Sure Your Equipment Works

Your pool equipment should be routinely checked to assure it’s in proper working order. It’s far easier to repair equipment than it is to completely replace it. If something seems to be acting funny, one of our experts will likely discover the culprit.

Checking and Maintaining Water Levels

One summer is all it takes to know that the Arizona heat will rapidly drink up inches of water from your pool. Pool water evaporates so quickly that many homeowners are quick to jump to the assumption that they must have a leak somewhere. Our pool technicians are properly trained to check for leaks, although they’re rarely the culprit when water goes missing from your pool.

Keeping an eye on your water level is very important. If water levels get too low, your filter system begins to suck up the air above the water line. This can burn out crucial components of your pool, and replacing them will be your only option. Weekly visits from a specialist will assure that your water level will never get low enough to cause damage.

Pool Repairs and Restoration

When your pool components reach the end of their life cycle, our pool maintenance crew can repair or replace them. We can fix rusty rails, cracked tiles, broken jets, and pool cracks. We can even resurface your entire swimming pool.

Why Choose Pioneer Pools?

Pioneer Pools is one of the longest operating family owned full-service pool company in the Tucson area. Our experts have been helping to maintain, restore, and repair pools for families in and around the Tucson community for decades. We’re a fully inclusive solution for everything your pool will ever need, from regular maintenance visits to complete renovation.

If you’d like to set up a pool maintenance schedule with one of our skilled technicians, call us at (520) 881-7031.