Pool Tile Repair

Tucson Pool Tile Replacement

Pool Tile Repair/ Replacement

Pools are a necessity in Tucson. We’d never see each other in the summer if we didn’t have something cool and refreshing to do in the Arizona heat. Instead, we’d all be inside glued to our fans or window units waiting out the worst of it.

Your pool isn’t immune to the effects of the heat, chemicals, calcium deposits, evaporation, age, and settling. From time to time, you’re going to need repairs or special maintenance to keep your pool looking beautiful and working properly. Pool tile cleaning, repair, and replacement are needs that many Arizona homeowners will encounter from time to time.

Do You Need Pool Tile Cleaning, Repair, or Total Replacement?

Understanding exactly what you need and want can help you save a bundle. You might think you need your tile repaired when all you really need is a good old fashioned cleaning.

When You Need Cleaning

If your pool tiles appear white, cloudy, or gray, you might be under the impression that they’re bleached from chlorine or the sun, corroded, or ruined. That’s probably not what’s going on. Tucson has very hard water. It’s full of all kinds of minerals, and these minerals stay in your pool after you fill in with the hose.

The Arizona sun is extremely hot. It beams directly down on your pool, causing rapid evaporation. The minerals in the water get left behind. The cloudy, white, or gray appearance of your pool tile isn’t a defect with your tile. It’s an external layer of calcium deposits that were left behind when you lost a few inches of water. You don’t need to repair or replace these tiles. They simply need to be cleaned. We can clean them professionally, or you can clean them yourself.

When You Need Repair

You may lose a few pool tiles over time. This is especially common around your pool’s spillways. The combination of the hot sun and rushing cool water can loosen tiles, causing them to crack, warp, or fall out. Settling can cause subtle changes that will cause a domino effect, causing a section of pool tiles to drop out over time. When this happens, new tiles can be installed in the place where the old tiles fell out.

When You Need New Pool Tile

If most of your tile is cracked, damaged, eroded, or falling out, you may be wise to replace all of the tile. Full tile replacement is also an excellent way to renovate your pool area, especially if used in conjunction with new decking on concrete. We’re here for full renovations and restorations if you decide you’d like to beautify your outdoor living spaces.

How Your Pool is Prepped for Tile Repair or Replacement

Your pool will be drained just enough to leave the area surrounding the affected tiles above water for tile repair. Tile replacement requires the entire pool to be drained.  We only need to access the affected areas. Cracked or damaged tile is completely removed, and old grout is stripped from the surface, and your pool wall is left to completely dry.

Laying the New Pool Tile

Once your pool wall is dry and all the remnants of previous tile and grout are gone, new tile can be set. Before we do this, we’ll check your pool wall’s integrity. Sometimes, cracks in the wall can lead to tiles falling off and pool leaks. If this is the reason why you’ve lost tiles, you need to have it repaired. Tile cannot and should not be placed over wall defects – it will simply pop right off again, putting you back at square one.

New tiles will be mortared and bonded to your pool wall and finished off with a waterproof grout. The grout needs to dry for at least 24 hours before the pool can be refilled.

What Will Pool Tile Repair Cost Me?

The cost of pool tile cleaning, repair, or replacement will significantly differ based on a number of factors. Are you going for a full renovation? Is there damage to your pool wall? What kind of tile do you want or need? Do you have one spot or many spots to fix? We wouldn’t be able to give you an accurate estimate without first assessing your pool. We’re happy to come out and prepare you a quote.

Call Pioneer Pools

If you need your pool tile repaired, call Pioneer Pools. We’re one of Tucson’s longest standing pool companies. We’ve proudly served Southern Arizona families for decades. We love creating beautiful pools to serve as the backdrop for perfect summer memories.

Give us a call at 520-881-7031 for all of your pool needs. We’ll be happy to discuss tile repair and replacement options with you. We can send an expert out to your home to evaluate your pool and provide you with a fair and accurate estimate for your project.