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We had our pool resurfaced including our deck, and everything went perfectly – on-time, very responsive, and professional. Would not hesitate to work with Pioneer Pools again.

Jeffrey Anthony Avatar Jeffrey Anthony
July 17, 2020

They did everything they said they were going to do and did it in a timely fashion.
My pool is from the early 80’s. I had foolishly tried to work on it myself and painted it.
Pioneer demolished my horrible handiwork within a day.
They next sent people out to prepare it for the new Pebble.
While they were doing that, they caught three leaks that it had sprung from a tree the previous owner had planted too close to the pool. I had the tree demolished while it was drained.
The next step was laying the pebble down.
It looks amazing and it should last 15-20 years.
They even replaced my old heater for a really good price. I have a working hot tub for the first time ever.
They may not be the cheapest, but they also weren’t the most expensive either. They have been in Tucson for over 30 years, so I felt good knowing they weren’t some fly by night operation.

Based Grillpilled Avatar Based Grillpilled
February 25, 2020

I called for a repair on a pool pump, and the issue was fixed promptly and professionally.

Timothy Grivois-Shah Avatar Timothy Grivois-Shah
May 13, 2019

The reason why I called Pioneer Pools is because another local pool company blew me off. They came out and took measurements but never called me back. I called them, she said she was would let whoever know that I called but they never called back. I am so glad they didn’t call me back, that move forced me to call Pioneer Pools.
I loved working with Pioneer Pools to fix my pool. They are awesome. I met with the owners (Bruce and Dane) at my house. They were super nice. They brought tiles for me to look at to match my new pool color. They took measurements and said they would be in touch. I had heard that before.
They did email me the quote and the payment plan. Super easy to work with them. I worked with Grant. Poor Grant had to deal with me. I probably had a million questions, daily! He was awesome. Explaining how everything was going to work.
He would call me and let me know who was coming over and what they were going to do that day. Everyone that came over were pleasant and courteous. I went into my backyard to bbq a hot dog for lunch and there was one guy working in my pool. I asked him if he would like a hot dog for lunch. He did and we had lunch together. He was grateful and thanked me for lunch. I did offer everyone lunch, most said no. Also, I have 2 dogs, german shepherd mixes, some of them let me have the dogs in the back yard. Some didn’t, and I understand. I have one dog that just likes to play and play. The men who came to my house were there to make my backyard better, they didn’t have time to play. So, I get it and totally understandable.
I loved how this process worked. I can’t thank anyone enough. Oh also, I would call and Shea would answer the phone. She was also great. Sometimes, I would ask her a question about payment or let her know when I was going to pay the bill. She was always super nice, and would say no problem. Or if I needed an email sent my way about payment, but tell her there was no hurry but sure enough within 10 minutes she emailed me.
Really what can I say about Grant? I loved working with him. I did become a customer who changed their mind. We did pick one color for the pool and just before they were going to color the pool, I did make that change. I also, changed the original tile. He was supportive and courteous. We did talk about the change and it’s really worked out. I love love love the color of my pool. I love everything about my pool and that is really because Grant was super patient with me. When he would call, I would say my 2nd favorite man calling me! (1st is my husband, of course) He would laugh, which would make me laugh then he would let me know what is going to be going on that day in my backyard.
Also, I have a attached a photo of my pool with the waterfall. Matt, the waterfall guy, was just as wonderful. I mean look at my waterfall. Not only beautiful but the sound, so beyond awesome.
I am soooooooo beyond happy. I can’t thank Pioneer Pools enough. They are a great group of people to work with and know. Oh, I almost forgot, my pool is a self-cleaning pool. The pool wasn’t cleaning, the spinners weren’t turning on to clean. I called Grant, he sent someone out right away and he determined that I was keeping the waterfall on, not turning the knob off ever. He let me know that I have to manually turn the waterfall off and then my pool will automatically clean. Which now it does!!! Thank you, X 8!!!! I really am one happy customer.

Carrie Schneider Avatar Carrie Schneider
June 29, 2021

A pleasure to work with. Professional and prompt. I LOVE my new pool! Thanks to Grant and Bruce and Dane and all of the hardworking team. Awesome. We couldn’t be happier. 😁

Carrie Scott Avatar Carrie Scott
October 14, 2019