Swimming Pools are a godsend in the Arizona summers. They can be a pain to care for, however. Here is a general guide for how to clean one. Skim Off Leaves and Debris. In Pool Service, this is the first line of defense against dirty water. The idea is to catch all the sediment as it sits on top of the pool before it settles to the bottom. Once on the bottom, that debris becomes
The grill is fired up and the whole family is ready to go for a swim. There’s only one problem. The water is so low that a dive looks like it will end in a trip to the hospital. Where did all that water go? The pool looked full yesterday! Due to the weather conditions in Arizona, a leak may not be the only cause for disappearing pool water. Before you panic and call in
Salt water pools seemed trendy when they were new. Many people opted for salt water pools over traditional chlorinated pools after hearing about the purported benefits of making the switch. Salt water pools come with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages that are vastly different from a chlorinated pool. Before you make the switch, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. The Pros of a Salt Water Pool For many homeowners, the